NEEST - 30+ Words Made From Neest

The word neest may not exist in English, but the letters it contains can help you learn to sound out and understand new words that you come across in your day-to-day life. How exactly? Check this intriguing list of unscrambled words that use the letters N-E-E-S-T. This list not only teaches you what these words mean (and their definitions are pretty interesting!), but it also tells you the scrabble points.of each word. By the time you get done with this list, you’ll be an expert on how to use neest in your own writing!.

5 letter words made from neest

  • sente: It's a valid word meaning: A subdivision of currency, equal to one hundredth of a Lesotho loti. It has 5 Scrabble points.
  • teens: It's a valid word meaning: To excite; to provoke; to vex; to afflict; to injure. Its of or having to do with teenagers. It also has 5 Scrabble points.
  • tense: Its a valid Scrabble word meaning: Showing signs of stress or strain; not relaxed. Or of English grammar. It has a Scrabble points of 5 as well.

4 letter words made from neest

  • esne: A hireling of servile status; slave.
  • nest: Nest is a valid Scrabble word. It has different meanings but it is popular as a structure built by a bird as a place to incubate eggs and rear young. It can also mean a hideout. Nest has Scrabble points 4.
  • nets: A mesh of string, cord, or rope
  • seen: An English verb, and past participle of see. 4 Scrabble points.
  • sene: A unit of currency equivalent to a hundredth of a Samoan tala. 4 Scrabble points.
  • sent: Simple past tense and past participle of send. Scrabble points is 4.
  • teen: Having to do with teenagers. 4 Scrabble points.
  • tees: Something shaped like the letter T. It has 4 Scrabble points.
  • tens: plural form of ten. 4 Scrabble points too.

3 letter words made from neest

  • ens: plural form of en. Scrabble points is 3.
  • nee: Surname. The Scrabble point is 3.
  • net: A mesh of string, cord, or rope. The Scrabble point is 3.
  • see: To perceive or detect with the eyes, or as if by sight. The Scrabble point is 3.
  • sen: A unit of the Japanese currency, worth one-hundredth of the yen. The Scrabble point is 3.
  • set: To put in a specified condition or state; to cause to be. Scrabble point is 3.
  • tee: The name of the Latin script letter T. Scrabble points is 3.
  • ten: the number after nine. Scrabble points is 3.

2 letter words made from neest

  • en: English. The Scrabble point is 3.
  • es: Alternative form of s letter 's'. The Scrabble point is 2.
  • et: And. From French et, in turn from Latin et. Scrabble points is 2.
  • ne: Initialism of northeast, a cardinal point of the compass. Scrabble points is 2.

N-E-E-S-T might seem like an unsolvable word puzzle, but it’s actually made up of five ordinary letters you can use to make more than 25 valid English words from in your everyday conversations to help broaden your vocabulary and improve your English skills.

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