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Hello, and welcome to KnowMorris.com

My name is Morris from California, and this is my blog. I came about this idea because I'm a witty games lover and avid scrabble player.

Unscrambling words (also known as anagramming) has always been one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your time and exercise your brain, whether it’s to win games or just have fun. We will help you with your daily crossword puzzles or you want to try them out for scrabble, to make your experience much more productive and entertaining!

This website or blog is erected to provide you with valid scrabble words and meaning with their respective points. I and my co-friends will do our best to serve only the authentic in words meaning, abbreviation, and more topics as we can cover.

Wondering how to get started playing Scrabble? Start with the most important part: learning to unscramble words! Without knowing the basics of how to unscramble letters into words, you won’t be able to succeed in Scrabble, Boggle, or any other word game. This website will teach you all about how to unscramble, along with some tips that can help you win at your favorite word games.

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